Thomas Hartshorn

Captain Thomas Hartshorn, Eighth Regiment, Massachusetts Continental line. Original Member.

Son of Thomas and Abiah Hartshorn, he was born in Reading, Massachusetts, November 3, 1742, died in Salem, Massachusetts, May 6, 1819; served as a private soldier in the French and Indian Wars, 1756-63; sergeant in Bridge’s Massachusetts regiment, January 1, 1777; Captain-Lieutenant, October 30, 1778; Captain, July 26, 1779, and served to June 3, 1783. He settled in Salem in 1783, where he was an officer in the United States Customs, and Deacon in the First Church.

He married first, in Reading April 25, 1765, Tamar Kimball, born in 1749, died in Salem November 14, 1802; and second, there October 7, 1805, Abigail Cleveland, who died there March 14, 1809. He had one daughter by his first wife, Tamar Hartshorn, who was born in 1784 and died in Salem 11 September 1803, unmarried.

Abstracted from James Archer O’Reilly III, Memorial of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati (Boston, 2004), 160-61. Oliver Rice was an Original Member of the Massachusetts Society. He has been represented in the New Hampshire Society since 2016.