Current Sponsors for the 2024 Spring Meeting Weekend

American Independence Sponsors ($1000)

  • Mr. Bruce William Friedman and Ms. Maria-Elena Carrion (NH)
  • Mr. Randall A. Hammond (NH) and Mr. Andrew J. Thomas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Benjamin Jeffries (NH)
  • Mr. James Martin Personius (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Laughlin Robinson II (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Shapleigh (NH)

George Washington Sponsors ($500)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robb Aley Allan (NH)
  • Mr. Peter Chase Hayden Brown (CT)
  • Mr. Donald Robert Denning, Jr. (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Neuhauser (CT)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Ramsay II (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perry Schenk (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hunt Studley (NH)
  • Mr. David Martin Trebing (NH)

Alexander Hamilton Sponsors ($250)

  • Mr. Thomas Leatherbury Grant (NH)
  • Mr. Justin Eric Porter and Dr. Sarah Kilbourne (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Stevens (NH)
  • Mr. Robert Jason Webster (NH)
  • Dr. Eric Leighton Whittall and Ms. Marybeth Marx (NH)

Continental Congress Sponsors ($100)

  • Mr. Richard Henry Baldwin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Challender Child (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eugene Daniel IV (NH)
  • Mr. L. Lowell Dorr (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis Fredericks (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Curtis Grosvenor (NH)
  • Mr. Joseph Kyle Laux (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul Meyer (NH)
  • Mr. Sean Patrick Redmond (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold Tarbell (NH)