Current Sponsors for the 2021 Anniversary Gala

American Independence Sponsors ($10,000)

  • Anonymous (x 3)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries (NH)

George Washington Sponsors ($5,000)

  • Mr. Randall A. Hammond (NH) and Mr. Andrew J. Thomas
  • Mr. Michael M. Morison (NH)

Alexander Hamilton Sponsors ($2,500)

  • Major General Susan Desjardins, USAF, Ret. and Mr. Peter Lennon
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fredericks (NH)
  • Mr. John S. Rando, Jr. (NH) and Mr. James R. MacGregor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stevens (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hunt Studley (NH)
  • Mr. Franklin Wyman III (NH)

Continental Congress Sponsors ($1,000)

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Bitting (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Chamberlain (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Child (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kendrik J. de Koning, Jr. (NH)
  • Mr. Jonathan C. Dickey (NH) and Ms. Angela Haakinson
  • Mr. Charles Lane Goss (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Hallowell III (NH)
  • Drs. Mary R. and Hollis W. Merrick (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Meyer (NH)
  • Mr. David J. Perkins (NH) and Mrs. Pat Wilson- Perkins
  • Mr. Justin E. Porter (NH) and Dr. Sarah K. Kilbourne
  • Drs. Jane P. and James O. Pringle (PA)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Robinson II (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lee Shapleigh III (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Smith (NH)
  • Mr. James Browder Tennant (NH)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bragg Van Antwerp (NH)
  • LT and Mrs. Ryan B. Weddle, USNR (NH)
  • Dr. Eric L. Whittall (NH) and Ms. Marybeth Marx
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tufts Woods (NH)