Robert Barnett

2nd Lt. Robert Barnett, Continental Corps of Invalids

Robert Barnett was born around 1735 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He was the son of Moses and Jean (unkown) Barnett.

Robert Barnett was appointed as a Sergeant in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment on April 23, 1775. On July 29, 1775, Sergeant Barnett was transferred to the 1st New Hampshire Regiment and commissioned as an Ensign.

On January 1, 1776, Ensign Barnett was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the 5th Continental Infantry (the temporary designation for the First Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line). In September of 1776, Second Lieutenant Barnett contracted Small Pox and Scurvy. He was confined to quarters until January of 1777 when he was sent home on sick leave. When visited by Dr. George Wood, it was noted that he had lost a great part of his upper jaw along with eight teeth due to the infections. He had a difficult time speaking due to this. On June 1, 1779, Second Lieutenant Barnett was transferred to the Invalid Corps and served to the close of the war.

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