The following members have been reported deceased since the printing of the 2016 roster

Frank Nathan Aldrich, Jr. (1997)
born Jackson, Michigan, 8 June 1923 1923
died Brockton, Massachusetts, 16 March 2017
Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps; Major, U.S. Air Force Reserve; World War II
Great-great-great-great-great grandson of Lt. Col. John Butterick, Col. Nixon’s Regiment.

George Herbert Walker Bush (2000)
born Milton, Massachusetts, 12 June 1924
died Houston, Texas, 30 November 2018
President of the United States, 1989-93.

Cass Canfield, Jr. (1993)
born New York, New York, 4 May 1923
died New York, New York, 30 July 2013
Signal Corps, U.S. Army; World War II
Great-great-great grandson of Capt. Jonathan Cass, Second Regiment, New Hampshire Continental line. Original Member.

Dr. Barry Joseph Carroll (2003)
born Highland Park, Illinois, 22 January 1944
died Lake Forest, Illinois, 23 December 2018
Collateral representative of Lt. Col. Benjamin Holden, Massachusetts Continental line. Wounded in action.

Bradbury Poor Foss (2005)
born New York, New York, 4 April 1935
died Washington, District of Columbia, 4 July 2019
U.S. Army Reserve, 1959-65
Great-great-great-great grandson of Brig. Gen. Enoch Poor, Continental Army. Died in Service.

Grant Horace Greeley, M.D. (1975)
born Brooklyn, New York, 17 September 1953
died Brooklyn, New York, 3 May 2013
Major, Medical Corps, U.S. Army
Great-great-great-great-great grandnephew of Capt. William Ellis, Third Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line.

Thomas Jerome Hudner, Jr. (2001) MH, NDSM, LM, BSM(V), AM(GS), NCM
born Fall River, Massachusetts, 31 August 1924
died Concord, Massachusetts, 13 November 2017
Captain, U.S Navy (Ret.)

John Walley Littlefield, M.D. (1996)
born Providence, Rhode Island, 3 December 1925
died Cockeysville, Maryland, 20 April 2017
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Reserve; Korean War
Great-great-great grandson of Lt. Jacob Bates, Third Continental Infantry.

Robert Wyatt MacGaffey (1965)
born Auburn, Illinois, 19 December 1941
died Webb Lake, Wisconsin, 8 February 2018
U.S. Air Force, 1960-64
Great-great-great-great-great grandnephew of Second Lieutenant Neal McGaffey, Second Regiment, New Hampshire Continental line. Original Member.

William Walter Patten, Jr. (2002)
born at Short Hills, New Jersey, 27 February 1928
died at Boston, Massachusetts, 29 May 2016
Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force; Korean War
Great-great-great grandson of Capt. James Jaroloman, Second Essex Regiment.

Charles Marshall Peabody, Jr. (1976)
born Englewood, New Jersey 28 September 1939
died Sarasota, Florida 11 November 2014
Great-great-great grandson of Lt. Richard Peabody, Chester’s Connecticut State Regiment.

Robert Lawrence Shirley (1977)
born Boston, Massachusetts, 11 April 1935
died Middletown, Connecticut, 27 November 2017
Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy Reserve; Vietnam
Great-great-great-great grandson of Capt. Isaac Baldwin, First New Hampshire Regiment. Killed in action at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Phineas Sprague (1981)
born Boston, Massachusetts, 15 June 1925
died Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 7 February 2019
Private First Class, U.S. Army; World War II
Great-great-great-great grandson of Surgeon’s Mate John Sprague, Eighteenth Continental Infantry, and Surgeon, Continental Navy.

Raymond Sanger Wilkins, Jr. (2003)
born Boston, Massahusetts, December 31, 1924
died Boothbay, Maine, August 22, 2017
Ensign, Naval Air Navigator, U.S. Navy Reserve, 1943-46; World War II
Collateral representative of Capt. Daniel Wilkins, Col. Timothy Bedel’s New Hampshire Rangers.

George Schaffer Wood III (1996)
born Charlottesville, Virginia, 19 July 1946
died West Palm Beach, Florida, 28 April 2018
Great-great-great-great grandson of Capt. Moses Dustin, Second Regiment, New Hampshire Continental line.

Julian Maynard Wright, Jr. (2018)
born Jamestown, New York, 11 June 1941
died Bethesda, Maryland, 17 March 2019
Captain, U.S. Navy, 1963-89; Vietnam
Collateral representative of Lt. William Hutchins, First Regiment, New Hampshire Continental line.

John Wylde (1984)
born Edinburgh, Scotland, 26 February 1936
died New Bedford, Massachusetts, 7 September 2013
Lieutenant (j.g.), U.S. Navy Reserve, 1958-60
Great-great-great-great grandson of Maj. Gen. John Stark, Continental Army.

Harry Battle Yerkes (1941)
born Plainfield, New Jersey, 19 September 1917
died Nantucket, Massachusetts, 24 December 2012
Great-great-great-great grandnephew of Lt. Col. Israel Gilman, Second Regiment, New Hampshire Continental line. Died in service.