Nathaniel White

Lt. Nathaniel White, 1st Vermont Battalion – Original Member

Nathaniel White was born in 1752 near present day Bradford, Vermont. He served in Col. Timothy Bedel’s New Hampshire Regiment in 1775. He appears as a Lieutenant of Vermont Scouts at Moretown [Bradford] in October 1776, July 1778, 1780-1781, and participated in the Saratoga campaign. He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in Colonel Benjamin Wait’s Vermont Battalion in 1777 and appears on pay rolls for this company in July – November 1781, and again as a Lieutenant in Major Gideon Brownson’s 1st Vermont Battalion from February 25, 1782 to December 15, 1782.

In 1805 he is listed as being received by the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire as a member, then under the rank of Colonel. He died in 1806.

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