1st Lt. Nathan Hoit, 1st Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line

Nathan Hoit/Hoyt was born in 1745 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. He was the son of Nathan, Sr. and Rebecca (Rawlins) Hoit.

Nathan Hoit was commissioned as an Ensign in Captain Daniel Livermore’s 4th Company of the 3rd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line on November 8, 1776. His residence is given as Moultonborough, New Hampshire.

During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, Nathan Hoit is still listed as Ensign for Captain Livermore’s 4th Company. He is further marked as on Furlough due to sickness through the encampment. On May 1, 1778, Ensign Hoit was promoted to Second Lieutenant. On August 1, 1778, Second Lieutenant Hoit was assigned to be the 3rd New Hampshire’s Quartermaster. On October 28, 1778, Nathan Hoit was further promoted to First Lieutenant.

In October 1780, the Continental Congress passed resolutions providing for what would be the last reorganization of the Continental Army before its final disbandment. Congress determined that on January 1, 1781, the Continental Line should be reduced from 80 regiments to 50.

Under this reorganization, the New Hampshire line was reduced from three regiments to two by disbanding the 3rd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. Colonel Alexander Scammell completed his tour as Adjutant General of the Continental Army and became the commander of the 1st New Hampshire, and the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment was to be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Reid.

First Lieutenant Nathan Hoit was transferred to the 1st New Hampshire and appears on that Regiment’s rolls from January 1, 1781 until he retired in March of 1782.

First Lieutenant Nathan Hoit died January 6, 1820.

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