Lemuel Duda

Ensign Lemuel Duda (Durrell), 1st Regiment New Hampshire Continental line

Lemuel Duda, also known as Lemuel Durrell, was born around 1758. He was the son of Benmore and Elizabeth Durrell. On Revolutionary War documents he gives his residence as Durham, New Hampshire.

On September 1, 1775, the Fourth Provincial Congress voted to raise four regiments of minute men to be drawn from the Militia to guard and protect the coastal towns and harbors. These men were to serve for 4 months. Lemuel Duda appears to have been one of those men. He is listed on the November 5, 1775 return for Captain Alpheus Chelsea’s company that was stationed on Seavey’s Island.

On May 1, 1777, Lemuel Duda enlisted in Captain William Rowell’s Company of the 2nd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, he appears in Captain Rowell’s company. He is further marked as “On Command – Artillery” from December 1777 to March 1778 and “Present” from April 1778 to June 1778.

Lemuel Duda is listed as a Sergeant on the February 14, 1781 Return of Captain Jeremiah Fogg’s 6th Company of the 2nd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. On March 30, 1781, Sergeant Duda was commissioned as an Ensign in the 8th Company of the 2nd New Hampshire. Ensign Duda was transferred to the 4th Company of the 2nd New Hampshire as evidenced by the September 1782 Return. On November 20, 1782, Ensign Duda was discharged from service as evidenced by the Muster Roll of the 4th Company for December 1782 signed by Company Commander, Captain David McGregor.

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