Joseph Mills

Lt. Joseph Mills (1750-1809), 1st Regiment N.H. Continental Line – Original Member

Joseph Mills first appears as an Ensign in the 1st New Hampshire, Continental Line, on September 20, 1777. In a letter giving account of his revolutionary services, he explains that this was at the special request of General Enoch Poor.

Being ill from Exposure, he was sent to New Hampshire on recruiting duty. He remained there until August 1778 by order of General Sullivan. He continued his recruiting duties through the winter of 1778 and the early spring of 1779. In April of 1779 he joined the regiment, and then for the first time was regularly mustered into service. He was with the 1st New Hampshire when it undertook the Indian Expedition under General Sullivan. He continued in service with the 1st New Hampshire being promoted to Adjutant on May 1, 1780 and obtaining a Lieutenancy on July 5, 1780. 1st Lt Mills served until the end of the war.

Joseph Mills was an Original Member of the New Hampshire Society of the Cincinnati, joining at the first meeting held at Folsom Tavern in Exeter on 18 November 1783. He served as Vice-President from 1794 to 1799 and President from 1799 to 1809.

After the war, he settled in Deerfield, New Hampshire and kept a Public House there. He was still residing there in 1792.

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