Jonathan Wentworth

Lt.-Col. Jonathan Wentworth, 2nd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line

Captain of a company raised in Somersworth, NH in Col. Poor’s regiment. He made a forced march of 62 miles previous to the Battle of Bunker Hill, and arrived in Chelsea, opposite, in the morning, but could not cross the river on account of the enemy and went round by the way of Medford to join the troops. Captain 2nd NH Regiment 23rd May to December 1775; Captain Continental Infantry 1 Jan 1776 cashiered 26 Jul 1776. He was under Washington, at Cambridge, in 1776; was at Ticonderoga in Sept of that year. Owing to a disagreement with officers, after being ordered to go on duty, while severely sick from small pox and “camp distemper” (diarrhea), all while being without a tent, he was cashiered from the service. Wentworth explained his reasons in a note published in the Freemans Journal 5 November 1776. Upon his exoneration, he rejoined the service in the Continental Army at Rhode Island 5 Aug 1778 under Col. Thomas Bartlett and at one-time Lieutenant-Colonel under Col. Stephen Evans

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