John Taggart

Lt. John Taggart, 1st Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line

John Taggart was born and raised in Peterborough, New Hampshire. He was from a Scots-Irish family, by whom the town was settled. He was a Lieutenant in Captain Isaac Farwell’s Company at the Battle of Bunker Hill, where fighting as long as they could fight retreated, and while in the midst of danger he stopped his companions, and having refreshed themselves from their canteens, he exclaimed, “Now let us trust in God and take another run.”

Unfortunately Taggart did not survive to see the end of the war. On the return of Officers for the regiment, it is recorded that he “died July 7, 1777.” It is likely he was killed in action on the morning of the evacuation from Fort Ticonderoga.

Sources: Frederic Kidder, History of the First New Hampshire Regiment in the War of the Revolution (Albany, 1868), 129; Selected Wartime Service Records of 1st John Taggart.