Jason Wait

Major Jason Wait, 1st & 3rd N.H. Continental Regiments

Jason Wait was from Alstead, New Hampshire and was one of the town’s first settlers in 1763. He was ensign of the first militia company of Alstead in 1773.

In January of 1776, he is listed as a Captain and in command of a company in Colonel Timothy Bedel’s New Hampshire Rangers. He was commissioned as a Captain with duties as Company Commander in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line on November 8, 1776. During theContinental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, he is listed in command of hiscompany and “Present” for December 1777-June 1778. He was transferred to the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line on July 5, 1780 and promoted to Major.He transferred back to the 1st New Hampshire on January 1, 1781.When the New Hampshire Line was consolidated, he was retained in the NewHampshire Battalion on March 1, 1782. He resigned his commission on December 8,1782.

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