James McClure

Lieutenant James McClure, Col. David Hobart’s New Hampshire Regiment

James McClure was born at Boston, Massachusetts 17 April 1753 and died at Waldo, Maine, 17 May 1840. He married Mary Nesmith. He was a resident of Londonderry, New Hampshire. He enlisted in April 1775, in the New Hampshire troops, under Captain, George Reid, Col. John Stark. In 1776 he moved to Acworth and served in the fall of 1776 as a Drill Sargeant under Captain William Keys, Col. Benjamin Bellows of Walpole and marched to Ticonderoga where he served as fusilier for the regiment about two months. In 1777 he served as Lieutenant under Captain Abel Walker of Charlestown, New Hampshire and was stationed at Cavendish, Vermont and continued in service until after Burgoyne’s surrender October 17, 1777. His total service as stated in his revolutionary war pension W23945, amounted to twelve months as a sergeant and four months, ten days, as an officer.

Due to an error made in F. B. Heitman, Historical Register of Officers in the Continnetal Army, Lt. James McClure’s service was conflated with the service of Captain James McClure of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who served in the 4th Continental Artillery and was an Original Member of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. The total service of Lt. James McClure is not enough to be eligible under the Rule of 1854. Two descendants of Lt. James McClure of New Hampshire have represented him between 1953 and 1979 and from 2005 based on this conflated service.