James Carr

Major James Carr, Reid’s New Hampshire Continental Battalion

James Carr was born April 22, 1748 in Dover, New Hampshire. He was the son of Moses and Mary (Gerrish) Carr.

James Carr marched from Rollinsford, New Hampshire to join the American forces after the commencement of hostilities. He was appointed as a First Lieutenant in Capt. John Wentworth’s company of the 2nd New Hampshire on May 23, 1775. On January 1, 1776, James Carr was retained as a First Lieutenant in the 8th Continental Infantry Regiment (the temporary designation for the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line).

On November 8, 1776, First Lieutenant Carr was promoted to Captain with duties as Company Commander in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line. Colonel Nathan Hale and much of the 2nd New Hampshire had been assigned to guard the sick and wounded during the retreat from Fort Ticonderoga during the early parts of the Saratoga Campaign. Captain Carr supplied the rear-most pickets for the march. At the Battle of Hubbardton, on July 7, 1777, Captain Carr led his men head-long into an advancing column of British Light Infantry to buy time for the sick and wounded to escape and for the rear guard to form a defense. He was captured, though later exchanged.

When the New Hampshire Line was reorganized from three regiments to two in 1780, Captain Carr was retained in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. On March 1, 1782 when the New Hampshire line was further reduced to one regiment and one battalion, Captain Carr was retained in the New Hampshire Battalion. On December 8, 1782, Captain Carr was promoted to Major. Major Carr was transferred to the New Hampshire Regiment when the New Hampshire Battalion was further demobilized on March 1, 1783. Major Carr served until November of 1783. 

Major Carr died March 11, 1829. He is buried with is parents, and alongside his wife Suzanna (sister of John Wentworth) in a small cemetery in Rollinsford, NH, near the house of his birth.

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