Isaac Smith

Surgeon Isaac Smith, 3rd Regiment New Hampshire Continental Line

It is purported that Isaac Smith was born January 16, 1757 in Connecticut to Nathaniel and Abigail (Scofield) Smith.

In 1775, the New York Provincial Congress raised four regiments as part of that state’s allotment for the Continental Army. On June 30, 1775, Isaac Smith was selected as Surgeon’s Mate in the 4th Regiment, New York Continental Line. During the invasion of Quebec in 1775 by Major General Richard Montgomery, Surgeon’s Mate Smith is listed as part of that expedition.

On November 21, 1776, Isaac was transferred to the 2nd Regiment, New York Continental Line. During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, Isaac Smith appears on the rolls of the Regimental Staff of the 2nd NY as a Surgeon’s Mate.

On August 1, 1778 Surgeon’s Mate Smith was transferred to the 3rd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. It might first appear strange that he would switch between the different State Lines. A few explanations can be proffered. One is that there was always such a shortage of trained medical personnel serving with the Army and this might have necessitated the transfer. Secondly is that the 2nd and 4th NY were usually brigaded together with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd NH Regiments. Such a transfer would not have been vast as if being moved to different Brigade or Division in the Army. Finally, with the resignation of Surgeon Ivory Hovey of the 3rd NH in April of 1778, Surgeon’s Mate Edmund Chadwick was elevated to Surgeon in that Regiment. The 3rd NH was in need of a Surgeon’s Mate and perhaps the 2nd NY could more easily find a replacement than the 3rd NH.

Soon, Surgeon Edmund Chadwick also resigned. He was replaced by Surgeon Jacob Hall, Jr. On April 5, 1780, Isaac Smith was promoted to Surgeon of the 3rd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. Surgeon Smith resigned August 5, 1780.

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