Hubbard Carter

Lt. Hubbard Carter, 1st Regiment New Hampshire Continental Line

Hubbard Carter was born in 1753 in Fryeburg, Massachusetts (present-day Maine). He was the son of Ezra and Ruth (Eastman) Carter. Hubbard Carter Married Abigail Cross on September 22, 1772.

Hubbard Carter enlisted in the Colonel John Stark’s 1st New Hampshire Regiment at the beginning of the American Revolution. He was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill and is listed as a Corporal in Captain Hutchins’s company. His residence is given was Warner, New Hampshire. On August 14, 1777, Corporal Carter was promoted to Sergeant.

During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, Hubbard Carter is listed as a Sergeant in Captain Amos Morrill’s company of the First Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. He is further marked as “Present” from December 1777-June 1778. On July 30, 1778, Sergeant Carter was promoted to Sergeant Major of the First Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line.

On June 16, 1779, Sergeant Major Hubbard Carter was commissioned as an Ensign in the First Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line to rank from September 28, 1777. Ensign Carter was promoted to Lieutenant on July 5, 1780. Lieutenant Carter resigned on August 30, 1782

Lieutenant Hubbard Carter died September 22, 1803. He is buried in West Fryeburg Cemetery in Fryeburg, Maine.

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