Ezekiel Lane

Lieutenant Ezekiel Lane, New Hampshire State Regiment

Ezekiel Lane was born July 4, 1739. He was the son of John and Hannah (Lamprey) Lane. Ezekiel married Abigail Varnum sometime before May 24, 1764 when their son Josiah Lane was born.

In the spring of 1777, Thomas Stickney’s Regiment of Militia, also known as the 11th New Hampshire Militia Regiment, was mustered at Fort Ticonderoga to reinforce the Continental Army garrison. The regiment was again called up on July 21, 1777, at Pembroke, New Hampshire for Brigadier General John Stark’s Brigade gathering at Charlestown, New Hampshire during the Saratoga campaign. Ezekiel was commissioned as a Lieutenant in Captain Stephen Dearborn’s company of this regiment.

Under Lt. Col. Nathaniel Emerson, the regiment was sent to Otter Creek on August 4, 1777 to clear out any remaining Loyalists. On August 16, 1777, Stickney’s regiment, along with Hale’s and Hobart’s Regiments, made the main attack on Friedrich Baum’s redoubt during the Battle of Bennington. In this attack, Lieutenant Ezekiel Lane was killed. In 1780, his widow was remarried to Peter Hills.         

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