Ebenezer Stockton

Surgeon Ebenezer Stockton, Second Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. Original Member.

Was born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1759 or 1760, son of Robert and Helena (McComb) Stockton. He died there 9 December 1837. He began matriculating at Princeton in 1774, but his studies were interrupted in November 1776 when the students and faculty evacuated Nassau Hall in the face of advancing British troops. He returned to College before 1780 when he received his A.B., and received his M.A. from there in 1783.

He was a Surgeon’s Mate in the General Hospital of the Continental Army 20 September 1777; Surgeon in the 2nd Regiment, New Hampshire Line, 10 July 1782; Surgeon in the General Hospital; Retained in the New Hampshire Battalion 21 March 1783 on the recommendation of Doctor Benjamin Rush. Served to 30 November 1783.

He had a medical practice after the war in Princeton. He joined the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey on 4 July 1789.

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