Ebenezer Green

Capt. Ebenezer Green, Bedel’s New Hampshire Rangers

Ebenezer Green, Jr. was born August 6, 1746 in Coventry, Connecticut. He was the son of Ebenezer, Sr. and Susanna (Hatch) Green. Ebenezer Green married Dorcas Grant in 1765 and settled in Grafton County, New Hampshire.

Ebenezer Green was commissioned as a Captain in Colonel Bedel’s New Hampshire Regiment on January 22, 1776. At the Battle of the Cedars on May 19, 1776, most of the regiment was captured, including Captain Green. He was held as a Prisoner of War, but released on parole until February 9, 1782.  

Ebenezer Green died suddenly November 11, 1786 in Lyme, New Hampshire. He is buried in Old Lyme Cemetery in Lyme, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

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