Dudley Leavitt Chase

1st Lt. Dudley Leavitt Chase, 3rd New Hampshire Continental Regiment

Dudley Leavitt Chase was born June 4, 1751 in Stratham, New Hampshire. He was the son of Thomas and Love (Leavitt) Chase. Dudley married Mary (Ayer) Davis, daughter of Perkins Ayer and widow of Samuel Davis.  

            Dudley first appears as a fifer in Captain Samuel Gilman’s company of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment in June of 1775. He must have been an educated man since he was commissioned as an Ensign in the Third Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line on November 8, 1776. On October 7, 1777, Ensign Chase was promoted to Second Lieutenant.

            During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, Dudley Leavitt Chase is listed in Captain Michael McClary’s company of the Third Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line. He is further marked as “doing Brigade Quartermaster duties” from December 1777-June 1778. Second Lieutenant Dudley Leavitt Chase was further promoted to First Lieutenant on May 1, 1778.

First Lieutenant Dudley Leavitt Chase resigned on June 30, 1780 and died March 29, 1816.  

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