Benjamin Titcomb

Lt. Col. Benjamin Titcomb, 2nd Regiment, New Hampshire Continental Line

Benjamin Whitcomb, Jr. was born June 12, 1743 in Dover, New Hampshire. He was the son of Daniel and Ann (Wingate) Titcomb. He married Hannah Hanson.

Benjamin Titcomb was appointed as a Captain in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment on May 23, 1775. He was commissioned as a Captain in the 8th Continental Infantry (the temporary designation for the 2nd New Hampshire) on January 1, 1776. On April 2, 1777, Captain Titcomb was promoted to Major in the 1st New Hampshire. He was wounded at the Battle of Hubbardton on July 7, 1777.

During the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, Major Titcomb is listed among the Field Officers of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line. He is further marked as “wounded/on furlough” from February-June 1778. Major Titcomb was again wounded at the Battle of Chemung on August 29, 1779. He succeeded Jeremiah Gilman as Lieutenant Colonel in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line when the latter retired on March 24, 1780. He was “deranged” on January 1, 1781.

Lieutenant Colonel Titcomb left an honorable record on the invalid pension list detailing that he had been wounded in three separate battles and was awarded half pay from January 1, 1781 to Janaury 1, 1782, 12 months, for a total sum of £90. 

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Titcomb died June 4, 1799 in Dover, New Hampshire.

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