Amos Morrill

Major Amos Morrill, Reid’s New Hampshire Continental Battalion – Original Member

Eldest Son of Joseph and Prudence (Maxfield) Morrill, he was born in Nottingham, New Hampshire, May 9, 1748, died in Saint Albans, Vermont, in January 1810; as a young man resided in Epsom, New Hampshire; 1st Lieutenant, 1st New Hampshire, May 23 to December 1775; Captain, 5th Continental Infantry, January 1, 1776; Captain, 1st New Hampshire, November 8, 1776; Major, 2nd New Hampshire, March 24, 1780; retained in New Hampshire battalion, March 1, 1782, and served to close of war; termed ‘Esquire’ of Epsom, New Hampshire, on June 19, 1790, when he bought land in Saint Albans; about the same time the 1790 United States Census also showed him in Epsom; in 1793 he and his family removed to Saint Albans. Administration on the estate of Amos Morrill, late of Saint Albans, Esquire, was granted to Theophilus Morrill on January 10, 1810. His inventory was $1,695.85, but the estate was insolvent, so no heirs were named.

Abstracted from James Archer O’Reilly III, Memorials of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati (Boston 2004), p. 273. Amos Morrill has been represented in the New Jersey Society on a life loan since 2008 by a collateral descendant.