Amos Emerson

Captain Amos Emerson, 1st Regiment, N.H. Continental Line, Original Member

Amos Emerson was born in 1738. He was from Chester, New Hampshire. He is listed as a Lieutenant in Captain Hezekiah Hutchins’s Company of Colonel Reed’s 3rd New Hampshire Regiment and was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

He received a commission as a Captain in the 1st New Hampshire Regiment, Continental Line on November 8, 1776. At the Encampment of the Army at Valley Forge, Captain Emerson is listed as a Company Commander in the 1st New Hampshire. He is further listed as Present for January, April, May, and June of 1778 and “On Command” for February and March of 1778. Captain Emerson participated in all the actions of the Regiment until he resigned his commission on March 24, 1780. He served 5 faithful years in the struggle for American Liberty.

After the war, he was one of the 30 Original Members of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire, joining on February 5, 1784. He died in 1823.

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